The Software Engineer’s Career Path: Everything you need to know

There are many entryways into a fulfilling and lasting career in software engineering and development. What’s inspiring is that no two software engineering (or development) career paths are the same. For us, that means this is the kind of career that’s open for exploration, continuous learning, and that can spell success for all kinds of people with different technical skill sets, personalities, and backgrounds.

Committed to Success: Eric Lin, Director of Engineering at Dapper Labs

Eric Lin is the director of engineering at Dapper Labs. We asked him a few questions by email about his experiences working with Commit.

Open Source Sundays — gqlgen: A schema-first Go library

Every so often, on Sundays (obviously), Commit engineering partners share an open source software tool they use to make their work and life easier.

Committed to Success: Eric Normant, VP Engineering, Plastiq

Eric Normant is the VP of engineering for Plastiq, a bill-pay service for savvy consumers and businesses seeking an edge. We sat down with Eric to hear about what it’s like to work with Commit.

Streaming out the monolith

As a monolithic code base builds up over time, it can become harder and harder to maintain, and more difficult to extract data from, especially if it was built in a legacy language that isn’t commonly used or known.

Committed to Success: Hai Hoang, Tech Lead at Planworth

Hai Hoang is a Commit engineer who joined Planworth, an early-stage wealth planning SaaS platform in 2019 as a technical lead. We sat down with him to hear about his journey.

Committed to Success: Clara Tsang, Software Engineer at Procurify

Clara Tsangjoined Commit in 2019 and quickly found a role as a front end developer with Procurify, a rapidly growing Vancouver-based startup in the spend-management software space.

Working Out Loud: Diversity and Inclusion at Commit

The Commit vision is to create a frictionless path between software engineers and world-changing opportunities. We want to create an ideal career experience for every software engineer, regardless of the group(s) they belong to.

Committed to Success: Tarsem Basraon, Co-founder at Planworth

Planworth is a B2B software-as-a-service wealth planning platform that helps investment advisors provide tax, estate and financial planning guidance to their clients by answering simple questionnaires. Our platform works behind the scenes so advisors have the experience and expertise of a virtual family office at their fingertips.

We’re Creating a Tailored Learning and Development Program for Entrepreneurial Engineers, and We Need Your Help (Part I)

In my previous posts, I talked about how Commit is dedicated to career growth, not just project work. From the beginning, we knew that if Commit was going to be built properly, we had to have a foundation that not only encouraged, but actually dedicated a certain element of itself to growth and development for each engineer.