6 essential but not-so-obvious qualities needed in the first engineer hire at a company

Every technical founder and CTO knows that the first few hires are critical for the future of a company. They can determine success or failure.So what qualities are needed in those first few hires?

Committed to Success: Andrew Lukonin

“The startup scene is more my forte. It’s faster paced, with more responsibility. It’s not just that your decisions have a greater impact, it’s that you hold much more responsibility. I felt enticed and excited by that.”

Committed to success: Djordje Vujatovic

“Certn is different because they have a great company culture, a good product and a great team. They also encourage learning new skills and will financially support you with that.”

Committed to success: Brian St. Amand

“Every startup struggles with being in a little bubble, and Commit can help with getting out of that bubble.”

Software Engineer’s Technical Interview Questions and Preparation Guide

We prefer to think of technical interviews as a chance for both startups and software engineers to get to know one another and assess whether they’d like to commit to working together.

The Software Engineer’s Career Path: Everything you need to know

There are many entryways into a fulfilling and lasting career in software engineering and development. What’s inspiring is that no two software engineering (or development) career paths are the same. For us, that means this is the kind of career that’s open for exploration, continuous learning, and that can spell success for all kinds of people with different technical skill sets, personalities, and backgrounds.