Career Transitions Series: Values

“Our values can be fluid and change over time. The values you held 5 years ago may be vastly different than what they are today. If they haven’t changed that much, that’s OK! As time passes, we may start to form different opinions about the places we work, the importance of different factors around work, and the field(s) we are a part of.”

What led software engineers to Commit?

It’s normal these days to have a non-linear career path – we find a cadence between taking a break and working, which may also include switching companies.

Join us for a Developer Relations Panel with HashiCorp, Microsoft, Kong and Ambassador Labs

Join us: Thursday, May 13th at 11 am Pacific Time for this livestream discussion, and participate in the live Q&A at the end to ask your own questions.

Committed to Success: Jude Zhu

Commit engineer Jude Zhu joined blockchain startup Dapper Labs as a senior back-end engineer earlier this year. We sat down with him to talk about his journey to Commit and Dapper Labs.

First Line of Code: Ivan Yuen of Wattpad

Ivan Yuen of Wattpad talks with Commit co-founder, Beier Cai, about writing the first line of code.

Committed to Success: Lillian Liang, Plastiq Inc.

Lillian Liang is a Commit engineer who joined Plastiq earlier this year. We talked to her about her journey to Commit and Plastiq.

Committed to Success: Will Casarin, The Steamoji Team

Will Casarin is a Commit engineer who joined the STEAM educational startup Steamoji earlier this year.

Committed to Success: Sim Brar, Plastiq

Sim Brar is a Commit engineer who joined Plastiq in 2019 as a Principal Software Engineer. We talked to him about his journey.

My job at Commit is to create an incredible experience for engineers

One August in the 1990s, I drove across Canada, from Calgary to St. John’s, Newfoundland, with a good friend. I have so many fond memories of the journey: our debates about how to solve the world’s problems, the lengthy and reflective conversations, and the notable random people we met along the way.

Committed to Success: Hai Hoang, Tech Lead at Planworth

Hai Hoang is a Commit engineer who joined Planworth, an early-stage wealth planning SaaS platform in 2019 as a technical lead. We sat down with him to hear about his journey.