Gokul Rajaram talks with Commit

Commit co-founder, Beier Cai, sat down with Gokul to hear his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities for startups today, and the importance of creating a robust community for Software Engineers.

Committed to Success: Eric Normant, VP Engineering, Plastiq

Eric Normant is the VP of engineering for Plastiq, a bill-pay service for savvy consumers and businesses seeking an edge. We sat down with Eric to hear about what it’s like to work with Commit.

Committed to Success: Hai Hoang, Tech Lead at Planworth

Hai Hoang is a Commit engineer who joined Planworth, an early-stage wealth planning SaaS platform in 2019 as a technical lead. We sat down with him to hear about his journey.

Committed to Success: Tarsem Basraon, Co-founder at Planworth

Planworth is a B2B software-as-a-service wealth planning platform that helps investment advisors provide tax, estate and financial planning guidance to their clients by answering simple questionnaires. Our platform works behind the scenes so advisors have the experience and expertise of a virtual family office at their fingertips.

Expanding the career options of software engineers