Certified Partner: Voiceflow

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Voiceflow is democratizing the creation of AI Agents by providing the world’s most advanced collaborative creation tooling, powered by the most flexible Agent developer platform.

Through democratizing the creation of AI Agents, we enable our customers to deploy automated customer experiences at global scale.

What makes Voiceflow different as a conversational AI platform is our focus on great design, collaboration, and extensibility as a platform.

Agents designed and built with Voiceflow span thousands of use cases, from drive thrus to in-car assistants, call centers, SMS bots and more. Voiceflow is loved by over 200,000 global users with some of the world’s largest companies as customers including Amazon, JP Morgan, Vanguard, Google, Delta Airlines, Vodafone, Bell, BMW, and many others.

We’re biased of course, but we believe we’re building one of the coolest products in the world. Put this claim to the test and try out Voiceflow’s free version yourself – give it a try!

Joining a new company is one of the biggest decisions we all make in life as we’re investing our most important resource – our time. At Voiceflow, we’re investing our time here because we believe in an inevitable future where many of the conversations we have with brands everyday will be increasingly automated. If that’s the future we’re all going to be a part of, then the world needs Voiceflow to ensure the teams building these conversational experiences have great tools to craft great experiences. Think of us like the Adobe creative suite for the growing world of conversational AI. You can learn more about our vision of the future here.

We’ve raised $35M USD the past 2 years from some of the world’s best investors including Felicis, CraftTrue, Amazon, Google & CEOs of FigmaWebflowEventbriteInvisionProducthunt, and more. We’re a small, fast growing remote team of around 45 team members from around the world, composed of dedicated and talented individuals with a core focus on engineering and product.

About the role

We’re looking for a Senior Infrastructure Engineer to join our team. As an infrastructure engineer, you will be working on automation projects that will reduce the effort to develop and maintain either our application or infrastructure. In the next year, we will be expanding our data analytics system to transform into a fully data-driven company.

This role reports into our Infrastructure Engineering Lead, and is hybrid in Toronto. Our core hours are between 10:00a-2:00p ET).

What you’ll do

  • Build automation in a low supervision environment with high-level functional requirements using Golang and Typescript
  • Improve upon our Kubernetes, AWS, and GCP ecosystems using Terraform to manage infrastructure
  • Develop and maintain CI/CD pipelines on CircleCI
  • Participate in the design and implementation of a modern data stack for online and offline analysis

About You

  • Comfortable working with low supervision and high-level requirements
  • Multi-language backend development proficiency: proficiency in Golang and (python | C/C++ | JS/TS | Java)
    • For building HTTP microservices that interact with databases and each other
    • For building Command Line interfaces
  • Kubernetes, Helm and Docker Compose proficiency:
    • Container technologies, networking, Golang development with the k8s API on managed platforms like AWS EKS.
    • Experience using Service mesh (istio, linkerd)
    • Experience with local clusters (kind, k3s, k3d, minikube)
  • Familiarity with CI/CD systems
    • Jenkins, CircleCI, Drone, GitlabCI
    • Proficiency in bash
  • Infrastructure as Code experience (Terraform, CDK)
  • GitOps Experience (ArgoCD, FluxCD, etc)
  • AWS proficiency:
    • VPC, RDS, Secrets Manager, IAM, Elasticache, EKS, ECR, S3, Route53, Cloudfront, Lambda, KMS, Organizations, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, SNS


  • Compensation — we expect to be in the $160,000 – $180,000 salary range for this role, plus ESOP, benefits, etc.
  • Location — we are located in Toronto and operate on a Hybrid model where our team comes into the office 1-3 days per week.