Hire customer-centric developers you can trust.

In the fast-paced startup landscape, results matter. Commit Talent grants you exclusive access to Senior+ Canadian Developers, boasting unparalleled project expertise, to accelerate feature delivery through effective collaboration. That’s what sets us apart.


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In Private Beta, we paired 200+ top-notch developers
with 40+ exceptional founders!

Commit Talent connects high potential startups with top Canadian engineering talent.

💰 Cost Effective Talent Solutions

US-based startups can save 30-40% on a senior developer’s salary while still getting the best timezone-matched talent available.

🏆 Access the Best Senior Engineering Talent

We specialize in connecting Seed through Series B startups with experienced senior developers, providing you with the expertise you need to build and scale your company.

✔️ Get Certainty in Your Hiring Decisions

Our comprehensive and transparent vetting process ensures that you only receive highly qualified senior developers who are committed to your company’s long-term success.


Commit is built by Founders, for Founders.

Greg Gunn

👋 I’m Greg, CEO and co-founder at Commit.

As an early stage founder, I created Commit Talent Solutions with a clear goal in mind: to help you discover exceptional senior talent in Canada without breaking the bank. Our interview process is thorough to ensure you only get the best fit for your team. At Commit, we understand the unique needs of early-stage founders like you. Your focus should be on business growth, not excessive costs. Allow us to assist you in taking your startup to the next level with top-tier senior talent, all while maintaining quality and affordability.


Greg Gunn

Our CEO will spend 30 minutes getting to know you as a founder and your startup’s values and team dynamics. He will also walk you through the benefits of our program and answer any questions you have.


Our Success Team is a trusted partner that saves you time and distractions by providing a pipeline of highly qualified senior+ developers. During this 30-minute conversation, led by our Head of Talent, Jericha, we’ll focus on your specific requirements for open roles and define what success looks like for you.

Commit Team Zoom Call

As a Commit Startup Partner, you’ll create a profile in our app and get verified. Once verified, you’ll get daily talent drops of the most recent developers who have joined the program, as well as custom recommendations from our Success team for high potential candidates.

Our system is built on trust and transparency.  If you have any questions during the matchmaking process, all Startup Partners have a dedicated Slack Channel that connects them directly with the Success team 24/7.


Commit Talent is the perfect solution for any US-based founder looking to hire top Canadian engineering talent. Our program is modeled after the pipeline recruiting strategies used by big tech companies to provide a diverse and highly qualified pool of senior+ engineering talent. We receive thousands of monthly applications and screen down to the top 0.54% of candidates who are directly introduced to your team. Our personalized and stress-free service guarantees that you’ll find the perfect fit for your startup and take it to the next level.

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Curtis Smith

“They literally saved me hundreds of hours I would have spent searching for candidates, and they
helped us scale through a period of hyper growth by adding some really core pieces to the team.”
– Curtis Smith, VP Engineering, Certn

Stacey Kline Image

“What was exciting about Commit was that they already had a roster of people who they had worked with before and could tell us concrete things about what those people liked and were looking for…” – Stacey Kline, CEO, Otto

“We had a number of open roles when we engaged Commit. Commit was able to fill three different but technically specific roles, for a senior front-end developer and two back-end developers. They did it in a very short time frame without compromising on the quality of talent.” – Eric Lin, Director of Engineering, Dapper Labs

“The Commit intake process is really rigorous. Instead of us spending most of a day interviewing a
candidate through a standard approach, we’re comfortable getting to know an engineer from
Commit for about an hour.” – Eric Normant, VP Engineering, Plastiq

Frans Tjallingii Image

“[With Commit] you sort of get to ‘date’ before you get ‘married.’ This is especially valuable when you’re trying to hire a talented engineer, because many good engineers already have a steady job – enticing them away into a riskier startup can be tricky.” – Frans Tjallingii, CEO, 7Gen Capital