WhatchaEat Recipe Roulette and Inventory Manager: My Hackathon Onboarding Project

“Commit Engineer, Ramki Subramanian, discusses how he built an automatic recipe generator.”

Starting with Zero

Commit Engineer Martin Jung joined the startup PlaceHolder in 2020 as their first engineer hire. But he didn’t go alone. Martin brought Zero, Commit’s open source tool, a DevOps resource to complement his skills in application development.

[Opensource Sundays] How I built a mini PaaS with Zero

The goal of this project is to help new EPs deploy their Hackathon Onboarding Project with ease, and have their projects deployed on a shared Kubernetes cluster. We all know that getting a project up and running in AWS and deployed on Kubernetes can be a project of its own, and we don’t want this to take away from EPs’ hackathon projects. So we had to build a solution that allows for a wide variety of backend and frontend projects to be easily deployed on our infrastructure. Our goal is to stay as close to a real-world scenario as possible and allow EPs to clone a repo and quickly deploy with minimal setup and effort to avoid the steep learning curve of many DevOps tools.

Open Source Sundays — gqlgen: A schema-first Go library

Every so often, on Sundays (obviously), Commit engineering partners share an open source software tool they use to make their work and life easier.