Declarative Version-Controlled Database Migrations: My Hackathon Onboarding Project

Building a winner: My hackathon onboarding project

I chose React and Node.js for the tech stack because of their popularity with startups and my unfamiliarity with them. My background is in procedural programming, so the architecture of Node, with its asynchronous event loop, is new to me. But I was eager to dive in and learn. This tech stack seemed ideal for an app in which data is pushed to the client as the server retrieves and parses it.

Honing the craft of machine learning by creating a facial recognition tool: My Commit Hackathon Onboarding Project

Commit’s culture of innovation is immediately apparent when you join. Every new engineer starts with a one-week internal hackathon onboarding project. I’m interested in learning more about machine learning, so I chose to build a very basic facial recognition tool that allows you to sign in to a website using your webcam.

Polishing the platform: My hackathon onboarding project

Thomas Choo joined Commit recently as an Engineering Partner and writes about how he solved some product issues in his Commit Hackathon Onboarding Project.

CHOP: The Commit Hackathon Onboarding Project

When you join Commit as an Engineer, it becomes very clear that the company’s core values are centered around the idea of Engineer happiness. With that in mind, I knew that I wanted to work on something that could make the lives of Commit Engineers easier.

Why every Engineer at Commit is going to get a personal coach

This post is part two in a series where we’ll document the ongoing creation of our learning and development program at Commit.

We’re Creating a Tailored Learning and Development Program for Entrepreneurial Engineers, and We Need Your Help (Part I)

In my previous posts, I talked about how Commit is dedicated to career growth, not just project work. From the beginning, we knew that if Commit was going to be built properly, we had to have a foundation that not only encouraged, but actually dedicated a certain element of itself to growth and development for each engineer.