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What do our Engineers have in common with Ted Lasso?

November 9, 2022 in CHOP

If you’ve watched the show Ted Lasso you’ve surely heard the chant, “He’s here, he’s there, he’s every “f***ing where, Roy Kent, Roy Kent.” If you haven’t watched the show, that means nothing to you (sorry) and you may want to read about its premise. Note, there will be a small spoiler in this post.

Alright, let’s get to the point: What does the character Roy Kent have to do with anything? Well, we’re happy you figuratively asked. Roy shares many traits with our Engineering Partners – minus the swearing, we hope! He is a superstar within his domain and passionate about what he does. He thinks out loud, helps out his team, never gives up and is respected by the community. 

These are exactly the qualities we value in our Engineering Partners. To demonstrate these characteristics, just take a look at some of our onboarding projects that our Engineering Partners (EPs) have created within their first week. To give you a bit of background, after being accepted into the program with Commit, our EPs have one week to work on their own passion project – whatever they want, all while getting paid. Sound too good to be true? It’s not – we always put the engineers first. That’s our North Star.

Onboarding Projects

These projects span from using machine learning to estimating a house’s worth to helping data scientists focus on data versus code. If you are looking to get inspiration for your next hackathon or just interested in how our engineers applied their favourite technologies, take a quick glance at a few of the projects below or visit our blog to take a deep dive into all of them.

Ramki Subramanian Image

WhatchaEat Recipe Roulette and Inventory Manager by Ramki Subramanian

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, when our connection to the outside world was cut off, two major questions arose every day: a) What are we going to watch on Netflix? And b) What are we cooking for lunch and dinner? I wanted to tackle the latter.”

CJ Jeon Image

Making the Data Pipeline Easier 
by CJ Jeon

“We have lots of tools, like Tableau or Microsoft Power BI, that help to visualize data easily. However, those tools are only useful if the data is structured in the right way. Data scientists spend a lot of time writing code to find and shape the data the way they need. For my project, I thought it would be beneficial for data scientists to focus more on working with the data rather than writing code.”

Lucas Cramer

A Supportive Neural Network 
by Lucas Cramer

“I self-identify as a perpetual worrier (the pandemic has certainly not helped!), and two strategies that have always helped me are to write down my thoughts and to find others who share similar thoughts and feelings. I created Thought Bubbles to give users a safe and anonymous space to share whatever is on their minds and to offer comfort in knowing they are never alone in their thoughts.”

Mentorship and Community

Some of you Ted Lasso fans may be thinking well Roy Kent was at the end of his career and was no longer in the best shape on the pitch. Okay sure so EPs at Commit are closer to Sam Obisanya or Jamie Tartt in terms of skill set but let’s not forget that Roy comes back as a coach in season two (spoiler).

Part of what we champion within the Commit community is coaching and mentorship. After our Engineering Partners find their exciting opportunity at an innovative startup, we ask them to support the new Engineering Partners coming in by acting as an Onboarding Partner. 

On top of that we’ve also created exciting tools and resources to help every person within our community grow their skills, from becoming a better leader to learning a new technology to sharing their projects. We’re continuously optimizing our platform, but take a look at what it offers. 

The ultimate outcome is for every individual within Commit to work out loud so that we can collectively pay it forward. 

So as Ted Lasso once said, “That’s the funny thing about coincidences, ain’t it? Sometimes they just happen.” But we hope it’s not a coincidence that you’ve almost read this entire post. Learn more about the Commit community today and we promise, no season 3 Ted Lasso spoilers.