First Line of Code: Ian Wong of Opendoor – Part 1

“You have to ask yourself, how unique is this problem? And to the extent that it’s unique, how important is it to solve the problem well? What are the solutions that are going to really give your company a competitive edge vs. what are the ones that are important, but aren’t the ones that you want to put a lot of innovation energy into?”

The Software Engineer’s Career Path: Startup vs. Big Company

A career in software engineering and development doesn’t have to follow a linear path to be meaningful. Some people may enjoy the rigorous process of climbing the corporate ladder, while others may be more motivated by having a wide breadth of tactical problems to sink their teeth into.

First Line of Code: Ivan Yuen of Wattpad

Ivan Yuen of Wattpad talks with Commit co-founder, Beier Cai, about writing the first line of code.

Committed to Success: Lillian Liang, Plastiq Inc.

Lillian Liang is a Commit engineer who joined Plastiq earlier this year. We talked to her about her journey to Commit and Plastiq.

Know Your People

At Commit, our engineers are the heart of our company. My job is to create an incredible experience for them. I start this through conversations to get their perspective and begin to earn their trust.