Hosted by Boast.AI

You’ve got a great product and a strong team. Now what? When VCs and fundraising opportunities come knocking it’s important to be prepared.

Clearco and Boast.AI have partnered with seasoned founders who have gone through the trials and tribulations of fundraising rounds to share their personal stories and help you prepare for one of the biggest events in your company’s growth.

In this webinar, attendees will hear from speakers including: Eliza Arnold, co-founder of Arnie (seed round), Greg Gunn, co-founder of Commit ($6M seed round), Andrew Batey, co-founder Beatdapp ($3.2M seed) and Chris Pinkerton, Director, Global Channel Partnerships with Clearco ($100m series C) and Alex Popa, co-founder of Boast.AI ($23m series A).

Who is it for?
This is a great session for pre-seed to series A companies that are interested in learning their funding options.

You will be grouped into round-specific breakout rooms to network and ask speakers questions.

What’s in it for me?
– Founder first-hand fundraising experiences
– War stories, best practices and what they wish they had done sooner
– Fundraising timelines
– Learn how to craft your company narrative and approach investors