Committed to Success: Alejandro Esquivel

“For most people it takes a decade to work for a few companies and figure out where they want to go. Commit flips that whole model on its head.”

Committed to Success: Daniel Glynn

“It was amazing. It really seems like a too-good-to-be-true type set up that you get to try all these different startups. I hope I can do this for the rest of my life, because not having to do the six to seven interview process is just great.”

Committed to Success: Rui Ni

“I found my personal growth was kind of limited because the environment we were in was so fast-paced. We had a lot to do and limited time to think about whether it was the right thing to do. I found myself spending too much time doing things rather than learning to push my ideas up to the product owners.”

Committed to Success: Fábio Miranda

“Commit changed my life. It was the bridge that helped me in the most difficult moment in my life to make a career transition. I had all the emotional and professional support, a safety network, to know that if everything goes wrong, Commit is going to support me.”

Committed to Success: CJ Hawkins

“I liked the idea of working at startups where things move a bit faster, you can try new things, and you can have a bigger impact than you would in a large organization.”

Committed to Success: Darren Bangsund

“The community support and the promise of being a part of the community for life really drew me to Commit. Being a part of such a supportive community is a really cool thing.”

Committed to Success: Andrew Warr

“There’s always ways that things could be better. Things are never done, there’s always some way that it could be improved upon. I’ve done some client work in the past, where at a certain point you hand it over and then you’re no longer in it. But here, you’re continually working on a problem.”

Committed to Success: Stephen Wen

“[Before] Commit, during the normal probation period we would just work as hard as possible and perform our best to show that we were capable of handling the job. But now with Commit, it’s really balanced everything out so I don’t have to stress anymore.”

Committed to Success: Stacey Kline of Otto

“At the end of the day it’s always about the people that you work with. You can have the greatest idea but it really comes down to whether you want to be with the people you’re at the table with. Luckily, because Commit helped us streamline the process, we knew we were on the right path to finding someone we would enjoy being in it with.”

Committed to Success: Xavier Del Castillo

“I would say that doing some introspection work to realize what you want is very important, because that’s how you can make the most out of your time with Commit. It’s important to spend some time thinking about what you want to do, take a walk in the mountains, whatever it is.”