Advocating for Women in the Tech Space

March 17, 2022 in Uncategorized

📣  Say it with me…representation matters! When little girls or young women see other women in tech they believe they can achieve just as much as them. This is why there needs to be more representation of women in the tech industry. 

Everyone can be an ally for women in tech. What you can do to support and advocate for women in the tech field may not be so obvious but that’s okay because we’re here to help you be a better ally for anyone who identifies as a woman. 

Here are some great resources we have compiled to kickstart that process for you: 

Be an Ally to Women in Tech: 7 Ways to Start: Career Foundry provides readers with multiple ways to be a better advocate for women in the tech space including knowing facts on gender discrimination, promoting women in tech, listening to women and their experiences, and more.

Four Strategies To Get More Women Into Tech And Leadership Roles: Forbes discusses how people can help get more women into tech and leadership roles by encouraging women to pursue tech careers, banish biases, and find a mentor.

9 Local Women in Tech on How to Be a Better Ally in the Workplace: There are many unsettling statistics about discrimination women face. This is why women in tech need men to be advocates and help amplify their voices. In this article, nine women give actionable steps men can take to be better advocates for women in tech.

How male allies can support women in technology: There’s a lot that goes into being an ally. You need to take action and drive impact to be a true ally to women in tech. TechCrunch touches on how we can all start creating spaces where everyone feels comfortable being honest around one another.

Equality Allies: Building Inclusion in Tech: It can be useful to hear a man’s perspective on being an ally for women in tech. In the Capital One Careers article, Graeme and Joakim speak about how they were able to check their privilege and become better allies for women in tech.

Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace: This book teaches many actionable steps men can take to advocate for women at work. This book will surely teach you a thing or two about being the best ally you can be! 

Men and women must work together to build a more inclusive work environment. This can be done by educating one another, unlearning and relearning, and being aware of our unconscious biases. This is no easy feat and it’ll take some time to get to a place where we see immense growth and change but as long as we are willing to be open, learn, and work together we will start to see progress.