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P2P Q+A: What are the best mobile development tools?

November 24, 2021 in Work out loud

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Kingsley Torlowei: How do you go about choosing tools for your mobile development projects? I have some Figma designs that I want to turn into a working mobile application that will primarily run on Android. Do I go with Kotlin or React Native or Flutter, or is there another tool that will help me get an application working quickly from Figma designs?

Anh Nguyen: I’ve developed an Android app with Java before, and I’m learning Flutter at the moment. I think it depends on your app specs. If you need the tight interaction with hardware, go for a native language. Otherwise, hybrid is good to go.

Between Flutter and React Native, Flutter is faster (that’s what everyone says). Also look at the difference between Dart and React. Another point to consider: if the app needs to run on some edge device, like a watch or tv, research your hybrid choice to be sure it’s supported.

P.S., If you choose Flutter, please let me know.

Christian Arab: My recent and current experience developing with React Native (using Expo) has been slightly tedious, but rewarding. If you are comfortable with React, depending on the complexity of the app, I feel that React Native is a great choice for a beginner to build a mobile app fast. Our team has built off of a Figma project. It can be very simple to style using React Native’s StyleSheet with the provided CSS and style notes in a Figma project.

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