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Welcome to Commit’s Platform blog series

August 17, 2021 in Technical Blogs, Work out loud

This series of blog posts discusses the challenges we’re facing while building Commit’s Platform tool. We’ll cover technical and non-technical issues, the decisions we make and why we made them.

Hello, World! 

“There are only two hard things 

in computer science: 

cache invalidation and naming things.”

—Phil Karlton

As a remote-first community of Software Engineers, we’re committed to redefining the future of work. The Platform is helping us do that.

What is the Platform?

The Platform is a tool we use to match our Engineers with startups, and we’re building it from the ground up. In other words, the Platform enables us to solve the actual hardest problem in software (apologies to Phil Karlton): connecting the right people to the right environments—startups where they will flourishand providing them with the support and tools they need to thrive.

Instead of the typical high-pressure interview process of algorithm and whiteboard, we use the Platform to match the strengths, experiences and interests of Engineers with high-potential startups who are a great match for an Engineer’s actual preferences and abilities. It doesn’t rely on the instincts of an interviewer, but on actual facts. The Platform uses artificial intelligence to derive data-driven insights to match engineers with startups. Of course, we still rely on humans to double check everything along the way, to make sure we haven’t missed out on any obvious human factors while finding the best matches. 

In this blog series, we’ll discuss the technical challenges we face as we expand and evolve the Platform so it works effectively to match talented Commit Engineers with startups that meet their needs and goals.

Working out loud

Another way we’re redefining the future of work is by working out loud. That means having Engineers write about what they’re working on, the challenges they’re facing and the solutions they’re coming up with. Working out loud means sharing and spreading knowledge. This blog will help share that learning with readers (like you!) and let you contribute your own thoughts and perspectives. 

In fact, we’d love for you to join in. Check out the Commit Companion on GitHub, our open source knowledge base where we document everything we’re learning and doing. And give us your thoughts and opinions in GitHub Discussions.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for posts about our work on the Platform!

Simon Ho is a tech lead at Commit. Follow him at GitHub via @superkhau

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